Our Identity

In response to Jesus Christ’s love, we seek to become his disciples, proclaim his truth, and serve our neighbors all to the glory of God. 

Redeemer Hoboken is a PCA church affiliated with Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City. For more information about the Presbyterian Church of American, visit www.pcanet.org.  As a Presbyterian church, we are led by a group of elders nominated and selected by the congregation rather than by the pastor alone.  This model of shared leadership and ministry permeates everything we do as a church.

Presbyterian churches trace our theology and faith back through the Protestant Reformation to the historic early church in Jerusalem.  We believe the Apostles Creed is the summary of the Christian belief.


Our Values


At Redeemer Hoboken we value...

The Lord's Supper - We are all sinners, but when we come to the Lord's table we find not only the forgiveness of our transgressions, but acceptance into the family of God. We receive grace and adoption. Therefore we observe the Lord's Supper weekly.

The Sabbath - It's not news that we live in a hectic, distracted world. In purposeful Sabbath rest we find ourselves refocusing on the things of the Kingdomthose things that give us life and renew our spirits. We strive to prioritize the Sabbath as a community.

Prayer - In Christ we have intimacy with God, and through prayer we further that relationship. We bring ourselves into alignment with the Holy Spirit. We commune with our Heavenly Father. So we endeavor to make prayer a central part of our church life.

Koinonia - Our hope is through worship, ministry activity, and events, we produce the thick community and deep fellowship that the scriptures describe as Koinonia



Our Elders


Tony Hinchliff - Teaching Elder

Tony should be on a boat. But because God loves him and he loves the Lord, he's the ex-Brit, now-American pastor of this amazing church. He likes a good pint and traveling the world.


Godfrey Chan - Ruling Elder/Clerk

If loving NBA and high school basketball were a sacrament, then Godfrey would be a saint. Thankfully he's a saint because of the Holy Spirit instead. He's the energy and engine behind our welcome and men's ministries.


Tomi Owolabi - Ruling Elder

Tomi brings sensibility to an otherwise ragamuffin band of yuppies. He's a techie that never talks about tech but knows his Bible better than the back of a circuit board.

Kevin Gosa Headshot.jpg

Kevin Gosa - Ruling Elder/Treasurer

Kevin is a consultant (yawn), saxophonist (80s cool), Jayhawk (what's that?), guitarist (get in line), and general "know-it-all." He loves Jesus just a touch more than he loves talking.


Andrew Carlson - Ruling Elder 

AC (no one calls him that) is finishing a Ph.D. in English Literature at Rutgers, so he has no idea what he's doing with his life except for following the Lord.

Our Staff

Pam Clements.lr.cropped copy.jpg

Pam Schopp - Executive Director

Can a tornado blow through a scrapyard and leave behind a fully-functional ‘67 Mustang? If that tornado were Pam, then the answer would be yes. She’s the antidote to the Second Law of Churcho-Thermo-dynamics. She keeps us on track to getting where we said we wanted to go. Because you can’t spell “map” without “Pam.”

_DSC7107 copy.jpg

LaToya Smith - Worship Director

LaToya is a miracle. From her unique heart for worship to her genuine love of others, her beautiful voice and music guide us into God's presence each week.


Rachel Chan - Children's Ministry Director

Rachel leads our children's ministry with passion and verve that can only be matched by the youthful exuberance of the children themselves. She also knows her way around dim sum like few others.


Paul Ognissanti - Sound, Set-up, Bass

From bass to bitcoin, Paul is our resident expert and holding down the fort. He's like a magician: one minute there's no sound system, the next minute it's up and running and he's shredding scales. 


Our Diaconate

The Diaconate is a group of men and women appointed by the elders to serve those in our congregation who are in crisis or facing challenging circumstances.

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